España: Bridges

Spain Weeks 10, 11, 12 & 13 December 2017 In America, the weeks after Thanksgiving are the beginning of the holiday festivities. And in Spain it’s only slightly different. My December was framed around their puente break. The first week of December there is the Spanish constitution day (December 6) and then the Immaculate Conception … More España: Bridges

A Summer Stroll in October // Malaga & Nerja, Spain

October 2017 What helped define my experience in Malaga was drinking tinto de verano (hint: verano means summer). Similar to sangria, it packs a punch of red wine with sweet fruit slices and the addition of lemon soda. Malaga is a major vacation destination that’s full of modern shops and restaurants but past all the drama, true Spanish culture … More A Summer Stroll in October // Malaga & Nerja, Spain

España: Day by Day

Spain Week 1 Septemeber 2017 The past week has been a complete shakedown of my endurance. I felt quite like Mrs. Bennet mentioning the state of my nerves at every turn. The week before I left for Spain was a trial in itself. I said good-bye to friends, family, and an environment and country that … More España: Day by Day