Haber-dash-what? Welcome to my haberdashery! For those of you that don’t know, a haberdashery (by British definition) is a shop that sells notions. Notions are small items of a crafting or personal nature- things like buttons, ribbon, and sewing materials. Basically all the stuff you need to get creative. I love the fact that notion also has another definition: a concept or idea. As an English major, etymology is so cool! And here I am trying to evolve the concept of a ‘haberdashery’ for modern day. So instead of having a shop to sell wares, I’m simply sharing my crafting adventures and personal notions.

The purpose of this blog is an odyssey to share my creations and life lessons. I have a deep faith in those around me and I believe humans were born to transcend. Through beauty, creativity, and love, I want to inspire and quietly lead by example. I will strive to be these things in my blog:


I want to let you know that if you feel the world lacks authenticity and you feel like you lack the ability to create and change the world on your own, you are not alone! No body is perfect and I am continuing to be intentional with my thoughts, words, and actions. I hope I can help you gain confidence with achievable ideas and motivation. Or even better, we can do it together! I want everyone to reach their full potential for self-expression.



From a young age I have always been crafting. My mom is a huge do-it-yourself type person. She influenced me before I even understood the definition of creativity. When I got an American Girl Doll in elementary school you bet my imagination accelerated. I made absolutely everything for my precious dolls- clothes, quilts, mini-books, you name it! My first instinct when I need or want something is to make it myself. I love to have unique things to fit my use and express myself.


I grew up in the woods of Pennsylvania just north of Philadelphia. (I’m an east coast girl through and through!) My love of nature stemmed from my blue jean, barefoot childhood. Being outside and surrounded by nature is so peaceful. I’m continually humbled by the sheer beauty and power of our earth. I try and take a step back in my crazy life to notice the smalls things. Whether it’s a bunny nibbling on grass as I bike to work or the blooming hydrangeas giving off their sweet perfume.

You can also consistently find me curled up in a corner with a book and a cup of tea. Devouring tomes of historical fiction is my specialty. Sitting outside with a warm sun, a novel, and birds chipping is a slice of paradise.


I recently graduated from college (We are…!). During my senior year, there was a pretty extreme presidential election. The bitterness of opposing sides spouting their beliefs was very discouraging. I reflected that I was talking the talk, but was I walking the walk? In other words, what was I doing to take action about what I believed in? In light of the turmoil, I decided to change what I was doing. My life is something that I control.

Taking care of the environment is imperative. I decided to live my values. I wanted to live the truth that I was talking so much about. So like any good student, I did some research. The zero waste movement is something that fits many of my personal beliefs. I am on a journey to reduce waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle. As my mom likes to call it, I’m going granola. Being a haberdasher, making my own products was a natural switch. This voyage doesn’t happen overnight and I am here to share all the triumphs and woos of sustainable living.


Ultimately, I have faith in people. I believe that people are generally good and constructive conversation is key. Traveling is huge part of understanding others. The thrill of leaving your bubble and pushing your comfort zone does wonders for the soul. I think being empathetic is extremely important and being open-minded lets me be tolerant. I try my best to embrace everyone and be understanding. Kindness and a listening ear is my simple recipe for friendship.

So lets be friends!

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